Summer Registration Details

Posted by Mission Marlins Swim Club on Feb 27 2020 at 11:26AM PST

Hey Everyone,

It is almost time to register for the 2020 Summer Competitive Swim Season. Registration will be open to everyone on March 1st and will be closing on March 17th. There will be a $30 late registration fee for any swimmers that register after the March 17th deadline. In addition to the registration costs that you will pay through Active, there will be a Volunteer fee as well as a Fundraising Fee that will be payed in person at the pool to Shelley Diewold. The details for this are as follows:

​Volunteer Fee – $165 per family payable by post dated cheque (dated Aug 15th, 2020) Maintenance Swimmers will receive discounts as usual.

Chocolate Bar Sales – $160 to purchase bars in which you can sell to recoup your money or a flat fee of $80 for those who chose not to sell them. This fee is payable via post dated cheque (dated June 15th, 2020).

Both the Volunteer fees and the Fundraising can be paid to Shelley Diewold in the viewing area of the pool on the following dates:

March 11th between 6-8pm
March 14th between 10-12pm.

​Below is the link to register, it is also on our website and Facebook page if you wish to pass it onto new families.



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