Covid policies

Posted by Mission Marlins Swim Club on Jan 03 2021 at 08:01PM PST

The Mission Marlins Coaches and Executive would like to welcome back our returning swimmers and are pleased to see some new names on the list. If you are new to the Mission Marlins, we are happy to have you on our team, welcome aboard. The 2021 winter maintenance session will operate differently than seasons past in that swimmers must arrive dressed and ready to swim, they will be screened for covid upon entry and via a google document, no spectators, groups will be smaller, and the full list of covid policies (posted on our website and sent via email) will be in full effect. In saying that, many things will remain the same such as the overall culture of the Mission Marlins which promotes hard work, focus, positivity, and sportsmanship.

By this point you should have received multiple emails going over the following details 1) how and when to pay fundraising fees (they are due prior to being permitted in the pool), 2) covid policies, screening info, directions on how your child should arrive to swim 3) what time your child is slotted to swim 4) the link to the google doc for screening prior to every session.

Please note we cannot accommodate late swimmers. Your child must arrive on time, dressed and ready to swim with their google doc filled out or unfortunately they will miss their session.

We look forward to seeing the kids back in the water. Stay safe and we will see you all in the coming days.

Thank you,
Marlins Executive


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