Posted by Mission Marlins Swim Club on Apr 28 2022 at 07:06PM PDT

Welcome Mission Marlin Families!

I’m sure anticipation has started to build as we near the start of our season, and possibly a bit of anxiety as well. Well, there is no need to worry! Just like every season, our community comes together to create memories, laughter and new friends! Please find that we have attached the training groups along with some other parent resources that we hope you will find useful.
There are just a few things that I need to touch on before we get started next week.
For the first day, each group please meet under the Brent Hayden wall memorial at the start of your scheduled practice time, ready to swim!
Afternoon practices run 5 days a week, Monday – Friday, for all swimmers and groups 
Morning practices run for specific groups only. Please take the time to read through the morning and afternoon groups to make sure your child does not miss any of their practice times.
Activation – It is very important that your swimmer is at the pool in their suit, with their water bottle, ready to stretch 15 minutes before their practice time. If it’s raining, warm up usually takes place by the waterslide and if it’s nice the kids will warm up just outside within the fence off pool deck by the whirl pool.
We understand that sometimes swimmers come to their practice early, we ask that if they arrive early that they wait in the viewing area. Swimmers cannot wait on deck and can only participate and be in the stretching area if it is their group. Please remind your swimmers that there are many younger swimmers, so to be mindful of language and age appropriate activities when little eyes are overlooking.
Change rooms – We ask that all swimmers change and enter through the change rooms provided. We ask that children not change in the viewing area. Remember, this area is on video.
All swimmers must wear appropriate foot wear on deck especially from the change rooms to the outside area where warm ups take place. It is also very important that parents that that go onto the pool deck wear appropriate foot wear. Absolutely no outside foot wear is to be on the pool deck!
Swimmers must shower before entering the pool.

It is very important that swimmers do not enter the pool until their practice time. Remember that swimmers are only insured by Mission Marlins during their practice time. Swimmers should be paying for public swimming if they plan on entering the pool before or after swim practice. Swimmers under no circumstances are allowed in the hot tub before, after or during practice.

All swim bags are to be left in the changerooms or with a parent. There are to be NO swim bags on the pool deck.
Communications box – There is a box that is kept in the viewing area called a communications box. You will find your families name marked on a folder, this is where you will find any forms, awards or any other information that we need to pass onto you.
Marlins Board – There is a Mission Marlins board in the viewing area where we will post swim meet sign ups and any other events or information related to the summer season.
Mission Swim Meet – This is a huge event for us and its success is based on our families that volunteer over the weekend. Families will be asked to bring food items and volunteer most of the time that our meet is taking place. It’s the first meet of the season so it can be a bit overwhelming but it’s a great way to kick off the season and get to know other families and the flow of a swim meet.
We ask that parents do not approach the coach’s, especially in the first two weeks of the summer training and to just let the groups and swimmers settle. These groups are not set in stone and will probably have a lot of movement in the first two weeks. Any questions, comments or concerns of groups, coaches or any other swimming related concerns please don’t hesitate to email or approach Mitch at in regards to the upcoming season.
Our website and face book sites are updated frequently as well as many emails and text messages will be sent out to keep our families updated with all of our events and activites.
See you all on the pool deck!

Rachel Pokoyski
Mission Marlins Co-Vice President


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